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Amazing Epoxy

One Product Unlimited Applications

Mandala Painting by Deanna P.
Mandala Painting by Deanna P.
Pen Blank by Pam Harris
Pen Blank by Pam Harris
Andreas Kalani Knife
Andreas Kalani Knife
Dog Bowl by Lynn S.
Dog Bowl by Lynn S.
Farmhouse Table by Austin P.
Farmhouse Table by Austin P.
Lazy Susan by Keith H.
Lazy Susan by Keith H.
Glitter Tumbler by Lettered by Lindsey
Glitter Tumbler by Lettered by Lindsey
Bottle Cap Table
Bottle Cap Table

Amazing Clear Cast

Durable | High Gloss | FDA Compliant

Amazing Clear Cast is a 2-part clear epoxy resin with unlimited potential. Surface coat durable, high gloss countertops, bars, tables and vanities. Cast crystal clear art, crafts, décor objects in molds. Add stunning color with glitter and dye. Encapsulate wood, stone, paper and more. FDA Compliant.

Amazing Clear Cast

Pourable Clear Epoxy

Alumilite's Amazing Clear Cast is a clear casting and coating system that cures to a rigid, durable, clear plastic.

Perfect for do-it-yourselfers and homeowners, Amazing Clear Cast is an easy-to-use, long-lasting material that can completely transform a room or piece of art. Whether you’re coating an existing surface, like a wood table top or piece of art, or creating a brand-new countertop with custom colors, Amazing Clear Cast can help bring your DIY creation to life.

Amazing Clear Cast is an easy to use, 1:1 mix ratio system that cures overnight which allows time for air bubbles to evacuate prior to curing. Amazing Clear Cast can be colored with Alumilite dyes, alcoholic inks, or other non-water base colorants. This clear epoxy resin offers heat resistance, scratch resistance, FDA-compliant and is fully customizable with the addition of colored dyes and pigments.

Mix Ratio

by Volume


Open Time


Demold Time

Sizes 8 fl.oz. 16 fl.oz. 32 fl.oz. 2 gal.
Coverage 1-2 sq.ft. 3-4 sq.ft. 6-8 sq.ft. 26 sq.ft.

Self Leveling at 1/8" thickness

How To Use Epoxy Resin

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Amazing Clear Cast

  1. Measure equal volumes of "A" & "B" sides
  2. Stir 3-5 minutes for adequate mixing
    • **TIP** - stir slowly so less air bubbles form
  3. Work Time:  30-40 minutes
  4. Pour slowly into mold or onto surface
  5. Cure Time:  24-48 hours
  6. Demold
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Marble Countertop

Faux marble countertops created with Amazing Clear Cast. Watch as old countertops are resurfaced with clear epoxy to make a stunning marble effect.


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Stunning DIY Bathroom Countertop - Fun, Easy & Inexpensive

This stunning bathroom countertop is created with Amazing Clear Cast resin, Alumidust, and Alumilite Dye by coating a MDF board. First, a white resin base is laid, then it's marbled with gorgeous dust colors and phosphorescent powder. Nikki has a cool and unique bathroom countertop that she did herself. With this instructional video, now you can create your own stunning and unique bathroom countertop that you did yourself.

How To Surface Coat

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Achieve a cell-popping and marble effect with heat and air when surface coating.

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Amazing Clear Cast Resin (Bar Top Coating)

Open Time: 30-40 min*

Cure Time: 24-48 hrs*

Approx. Coverage: 2 gallons of mixed Amazing Clear Cast = 26 sq.ft. in a 1/8" thickness

(* Open time & cure time schedule will vary based on temperature and humidity)

  • Read all instructions & safety information prior to use.
  • Available in 2gal, 10 gal, or 110 gal kits
  • FDA CFR 177.2600 Compliant

** Not Recommended for Outdoor Applications **

Questions Answers

Amazing Clear Cast is a 100% solids and VOC-free epoxy. While it is a very safe product to use, it is important to read all directions, cautions, and SDS prior to use. As with all chemical products, proper safety precautions should be followed. Some individuals may be more sensitive to chemicals than others, causing them to take extra precautions to limit exposure.

No, it is not necessary in all situations. If you are pouring over a surface that is not porous, sealing is not generally needed. With substrates such as wood, paper, foam, or even some rock will require a skim coat of ACC to seal up the surface. Other sealers can be used as long as they dry clear and are tested for adhesion and comparability with ACC. Sealing the surface helps to minimize air bubbles from continually leaching from the pores as the resin penetrates. Paper-based items may need to be coated with a water-based white glue based sealer to prevent color change or saturation.

There are a few possible causes for this.

  1. You did not mix the resin thoroughly enough. This usually results in areas on the bar top that are tacky, while others are not.
  2. You went off-ratio. Failure to mix 1 to 1 by volume ratio can cause the entire surface to be tacky or in some extreme instances cause the resin not to cure at all.
  3. Cool room temperatures. Ideal coating temperatures are 75-80F. If the room temperature is below 70F, the resin will cure slowly and may require that the room temperature be increased to facilitate curing. Heat guns will not work, as you need long temp heat. Some remedies for random tackiness is to apply another coat, mixed well. If the surface is soft and gummy after 4 days, you may have to scrape it off, as re-coating will not help.

We recommend not pouring any thicker than 3/8-1/2 inch per pour. Pouring ACC thicker causes the resin to cure too quickly causing excess heat to build, rippling on the surface, and air bubble entrapment. Subsequent layers can be done as soon and 4-6 hours, but no longer than 12 hrs for adequate adhesion. Going beyond 12 hrs will require light abrasion and cleaning of the surface with alcohol prior to reapplication.

ACC will accept water-free dyes such as Alumilite liquid Dye. Based on the dye chosen, it can give you a translucent color or an opaque color. Alumilite Alumidust powders can give you dynamic colors that give you a vibrant pearlized color. Alumilite Metallic powders can also be added to ACC to produce copper, bronze, or gold effects.

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