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Faux Crystal Jewelry

Good day fellow crafters! Brenda here from Creativity is a State of Mind and I'm so glad to be back showing you my newest fun addiction... making faux glass druzy bezels! I've been thinking about Valentine's Day projects and for this piece, red just fit my mood.

Step 1:  Start out with Amazing Clear Cast Resin and the Alumilite Red Dye and an empty bezel. Then, add about 2 tiny drops of the Alumilite Red Dye to the Amazing Clear Cast Resin after it is all mixed up. Finally, slowly pour that into the bezel and let this cure overnight. The clear cast resin does need to cure for 24 hours

Step 2: Prepare some glass. Use glass glob beads that are used as vase fillers. Put a glass glob in a baggie and hit it with a hammer until it is broken up nicely. Please don't forget your eye protection

Step 3: Next I take the silver alcohol ink and add a few drops into an empty pill container and add a few glass chunks. Do the same with the cranberry alcohol inks and more glass pieces.

Step 4: Swish the pill bottle around and pour the alcohol out, and then pour the glass shards onto a paper plate and let dry

Step 5: Once the resin has cured, mix up a tiny batch of more Amazing Clear Cast Resin and paint a layer over the cured resin. Carefully place the glass pieces into the resin (use tweezers), building up in the middle and then layering around to fill the entire bezel. Let cure for another 24 hours

Step 6: After curing, add a chain to your crystal and wear it

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