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Halloween Jewels

Hello! Tracy here with an amazing jewelry tutorial My favorite time of year is here... Halloween! I need to make a selection of necklaces to give as gifts... and I am short on time. I have decided to revisit an earring project using Nail Art Stickers. I knew with the right mix of Amazing Casting Products and jewelry supplies I could make easy and stylish Halloween accessories.

What is Needed:

Amazing Clear Cast


1 oz. Measuring Cups

Amazing Clear Cast Resin

Jewelry Bails

Jump Rings

Necklace Chains

Step 1: Gather some spooky stickers and construction paper for the backing in the color of your choice

Step 2: Mix up a small portion of Amazing Clear Cast Resin, making sure to slowly stir to reduce air bubbles. Let it sit for 5 minutes

Step 3: Add small pinches of Alumidust powder to three separate cups, then slowly add the pre-mixed liquid resin to each cup and stir until the powder is combined

Step 4: Put tiny drops of Alumidust saturated resin in to the bottom of each frame. The tinted resin acts as a canvas for the nail art stickers, helping them become more visible. Let cure for about 5 hours. Then carefully peel off the nail art stickers from their plastic backing and place them into the thin resin coated frames with a toothpick.

Step 5: Add glitter to a few of the frames for a extra bit of sparkle while the resin not quite cured – the glitter sticks to the resin when a tiny bit of pressure is applied.

Step 6: Mix up another small portion of Amazing Clear Cast Resin, this time leaving it clear, then apply it to the frames with a toothpick. Let this resin layer cure completely

Step 7: Attach the pendents to the jewelry bails, and the bails to the jump ring. Then, attach the jump ring to chain. Now you have a ghoulish Halloween necklace

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