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Pour Technique: Heat Gun

Achieve a cell-popping and marble effect with heat and air when surface coating.

Step 1

Start by calculating how much Amazing Clear Cast you will need. Measure the width, length and depth (.125" or 1/8" is recommended per pour) of your surface. Use the calculator page or following calculation below.

Length x Width x Depth x .554 = fl. oz. (total volume of resin needed)

Our panel is 12" x 24" x .125" x .554, so we needed 20 fl. oz. of resin. Mix one batch of clear resin. Pour around 4 oz. of your ready to use resin into a smaller container for accent color. Use the remaining clear resin for the base; we chose White Alumilite Dye.

Make sure your panel is level, as the liquid resin will move to lowest point. Pour the base resin onto the panel.

Step 2

Use a paint roller to help spread the resin across the panel evenly. Let the resin reach the panels' sides and flow over. Be sure not to push too much resin off your surface, rather help if its not flowing to empty spots.

Step 3

Add your favorite accent color to the 4 oz. resin we saved from earlier. We chose Ocean Blue Alumilite Dye. Mix in your dye completely and thoroughly.

Step 4

Pour the accent resin on top of your base resin. We chose to pour short lines. Get creative with your accent pour, achieve your preferred design and become a resin artist! 

**When we finish this technique the accent color will spread so be sure not to add too much of your accent color**

Step 5

Aim the heat gun at your panel about 12-18 inches above the resin and begin to slowly move the accent resin around the base resin.

  • The more heat you apply to the resin the more cells you will create.
  • If you want more cells in a certain area focus the heat gun in that area for a longer period of time.
  • If you do not want cells be careful not to focus the heat gun in any area for too long (length of time to create cells depends on heat of heat gun and other factors).
  • To create a more marble effect hold your heat gun farther away from the panel and do not focus heat on any area.

Once you have achieved your desired look wait for your panel to cure 24-48 hour. After cure time you are ready to admire your new piece of resin art!


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