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Embedded thumbnail for Petoskey Stone Coating with Amazing Clear Cast

Petoskey stones, found in the upper Great Lakes region, are fossilized coral that have a unique pattern when wet.

Embedded thumbnail for Erasable Menu Board with Amazing Clear Cast

Turn your craft creation into a erasable board using the Amazing Clear Cast resin by Alumilite.

Embedded thumbnail for Coating Stainless Tumblers with Amazing Clear Cast Resin

Take your basic & boring stainless steel tumbler and give it some life by painting, applying vinyl decals, or decorative tapes!

Embedded thumbnail for How to Dome and Seal Wood Projects

Amazing Clear Cast resin by Alumilite is a great option for adding a protective coating over laser/hand engravings, or even craft projects using photos and/or embellishments.

Embedded thumbnail for Arrow of Light

Amazing Clear Cast demonstrates it’s versatility by being used to cast colored sections of a Arrow of Light sign used in Cub Scouts when Webelos cross over to middle school Scouting.

Embedded thumbnail for Amazing Clear Cast

  1. Measure equal volumes of "A" & "B" sides
  2. Stir 3-5 minutes for adequate mixing
    • **TIP** - stir slowly so less air bubbles form

Embedded thumbnail for Marble Countertop

Faux marble countertops created with Amazing Clear Cast. Watch as old countertops are resurfaced with clear epoxy to make a stunning marble effect.


Embedded thumbnail for Old Cutting Block Re-purposed into Kitchen Cart

Watch as we turn this old antique cutting block section into a functional table for the kitchen. Amazing Clear Cast was used to give it a high gloss and durable finish.


Embedded thumbnail for Fixing bubbles in bar top coatings and encapsulations

Even with perfect planning and preparation, air bubbles can seem to appear from out of nowhere and get caught mid stream in your resin when casting items such as table or bar tops.

Embedded thumbnail for How to add Liquid glass epoxy coat finish to a Photo board & table top

Table top & Photo board coating. Alumilite's Amazing Clear Cast not only coats bar tops, but also can be used to seal in photos and embellishments on tables, plaques, trophies, and more

Embedded thumbnail for Refinishing Amazing Clear Cast Coatings

After years of use, especially for bar tops, the Amazing Clear Cast can be sanded and renewed in a few easy steps.

Embedded thumbnail for Stunning DIY Bathroom Countertop - Fun, Easy & Inexpensive

This stunning bathroom countertop is created with Amazing Clear Cast resin, Alumidust, and Alumilite Dye by coating a MDF board.

Embedded thumbnail for How to Mix Amazing Clear Cast Clear Resin - Alumilite

Mixing clear resins can be a challenge, as both sides are clear without pigment, unlike products that have color to determine adequate mixing.

Embedded thumbnail for Clear Coated Game Board by Alumilite

This video shows the process of making a photo game board.

Embedded thumbnail for How to Apply Liquid Glass Epoxy on a Bar Top with Amazing Clear Cast Resin

We captured how to pour clear epoxy resin, coat and seal in 100 year old barn wood and other accents on a bar top at One Well Brewing in Kalamzoo, Michigan.

Embedded thumbnail for Amazing Clear Cast Resin by Alumilite

Alumilite's Amazing Clear Cast is a clear casting and coating system that cures to a rigid, durable, clear plastic.

Embedded thumbnail for Pour Your Own Clear Epoxy Bar Coating

Amazing Clear Cast from Alumilite was used to coat a new bar at Boatyard Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI. Produces a high gloss protective finish from curable and clear liquid epoxy.

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